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A wide variety of water testing services in Sebring, Florida.

Short Environmental Laboratories Inc.

Short Environmental Laboratories Inc. is Sebring, Florida’s hometown water testing facility, offering a variety of water testing services, no matter what your needs may be. Our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to provide your farm, plant, residential property or business with the information you’ll need regarding your impact on the surrounding area’s groundwater or the quality of water that’s going to plants and people. Water is our most precious resource; our mission is to help you treat it as such. When you aim to maintain the integrity of your groundwater or keep this essential nutrient pure for your customers, produce, clients or family, Short Environmental Laboratories Inc. is the only testing facility you’ll need.

Dairy farms, citrus processing plants, vegetable packing facilities and businesses that sell their own bottled water and ice all need regular water testing – to name just a few. Agricultural testing involves sampling from wells, ponds and manure, as dairy farmers have to account for the nutrients that come into their property and go out of their property so as to not pollute. Those involved in growing and processing produce know they’ll also need to regularly schedule water testing. It’s imperative for food safety monitoring that e coli testing be performed, whether the plant uses wells or surface water canals for irrigation.

Dairy Farms

Citrus Plants

Vegetable Packing

Bottled Water

Anywhere in which ice is produced and sold needs water samples tested as well, as is the same with bottled water. Think gas stations and convenience stores, anywhere that houses ice vending machines or soda machines. Current regulations say that if it’s sold, it needs to be tested. Homeowners, realtors & utility providers, too know the importance of keeping water clean and pure and their families, clients and customers happy and healthy. Water is an essential nutrient, it’s our goal to help keep it clean.

Shortlab Water Sample Test

As Sebring, Florida’s hometown water testing facility, no matter the industry you’re in, Short Environmental Laboratories Inc. is here to provide the services you need and ensure the quality of your water.