Agricultural Testing

Whether it be used for livestock or water that nourishes citrus and other produce, get your water tested now.

Agricultural Water Testing

Water testing services for wells, ponds, manure and more.​

On your farm, water is used for a multitude of reasons. Whether it be used for livestock, for lagoons that hold manure or water that nourishes citrus and other produce, agriculture water testing is imperative in checking for e. coli and making certain groundwater is as it should be.

Agriculture Water Testing - Water Sampling Test For Bacteria

Dairy farmers will account for the nutrients that come into their property and leave it so as to not pollute. As waste is accumulated and washed into lagoons and manure scooped out, whether moved to a landfill or spread on crop land, it’s important to know how the surrounding environment is being affected. 

While engineers will take stock of how many solids were taken away and the nitrogen and phosphorus content, calculating the nutrient management plan, our team of water testing professionals will do the water testing during this process. Groundwater wells surrounding the disposal area will help us to determine if what’s being sprayed on the field is impacting the groundwater. We’ll perform agriculture water testing for a number of things including bacteria, nitrogen and phosphorus.

Agricultural water sources that come in contact with the harvestable portion of a covered crop need to be tested for water quality. Citrus processors and vegetable packers all want to be notified of e. coli in their water sources, whether using wells of surface water canals for irrigation in accordance with food safety monitoring.

Shortlab Agricultural Water Sources Test for Water Quality - Agriculture Water Testing

As Central Florida’s hometown water testing facility, we offer a variety of water testing services, no matter what your needs may be. Our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to provide your agricultural property with the information you’ll need regarding your impact on the surrounding area’s groundwater or the quality of water that’s going to plants and people. 

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