Commercial Testing

For the safety of your employees, customers and groundwater, get you commercial water tested.

Commercial Water Testing Services

For the safety of your employees, customers and groundwater, choose Short Environmental Laboratories Inc.

Whether your business receives water from the city or a private well, scheduling water testing services will give you peace of mind in knowing your water is safe for you, your employees and customers. Good water quality is imperative. Short Environmental Laboratories takes the guesswork out of yours by performing a variety of water testing services. When we test your water, we look for total chloroform, e. coli, lead, nitrate, nitrite and turbidity. Our team of experts will bring the results to you after performing the water test.

Water Testing Services - Short Environmental Laboratories Inc.

Bringing in a trusted water inspector like Short Environmental Laboratories Inc. for your well testing ensures you’ll know whether your well contains harmful bacteria. Our team of professionals will sit down with you to review what we’ve found after performing one of our water testing services. And for those who receive water from the city, there’s no well testing needed, as there’s no well to test – but scheduling a water test to make certain the water you receive from the city is safe to drink after it runs through your business’s pipes. Water testing services are for your wellbeing and peace of mind.

Additionally, anywhere in which ice is produced and sold needs water samples tested as well, as is the same with bottled water. Current regulations say that if it’s sold, it needs to be tested.

When you aim to maintain the integrity of your groundwater or keep this essential nutrient pure for your employees, customers and groundwater, Short Environmental Laboratories Inc. is the only commercial water testing services provider you’ll need. We all know the importance of keeping water clean and pure and people happy and healthy. Water is an essential nutrient, it’s our goal to help keep it clean.

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