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Well testing and water testing are important for those who receive water from the city. Have your water tested today with our home water test services.

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Well testing is imperative & water testing for those who receive water from the city is recommended.

With around 20% of Florida residents receiving their water from private wells, you’ll find well testing is a must. While municipal water is tested to ensure the safety of a community’s population, it’s up to the real estate agent, and then the homeowner, to make certain well water is safe for consumption.

Well testing is imperative, as your water source will be used for drinking, washing clothes, cleaning the home, watering plants, showering and bathing – to name just some of water’s multiple purposes.

Short Environmental Laboratories Water Inspection for Your Home - Home Water Test Services

Most home inspectors won’t provide well testing as part of a basic home inspection, meaning a soon-to-be homeowner or real estate agent shouldn’t count on this service being completed. Bringing in a trusted water inspector like Short Environmental Laboratories Inc. for your well testing ensures you’ll know whether your well contains harmful bacteria. Our team of professionals will sit down with you to review what we’ve found after performing the water quality testing.

And for those who receive water from the city, there’s no well testing needed, as there’s no well to test – but scheduling a home water test to make certain your home water is safe to drink after it runs through your pipes never hurts and can offer some peace of mind. Whatever your water source may be, our team of water testing professionals will look for total coliform, e. coli, lead, nitrate, nitrite and turbidity in your water.

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