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Water is an essential nutrient, it’s our goal to help keep it clean.

Utility Water Quality Testing

Wastewater & water quality testing by Short Environmental Laboratories Inc.

To ensure drinking water stays safe for consumption and wastewater is treated properly, water quality testing is imperative. Federal regulations require the testing of utilities for dozens of contaminants like copper, lead and arsenic which is detrimental to human health and could potentially seep into the groundwater. Our lab tests water’s Ph and nitrogen content. We’ll also look for harmful bacteria like e. coli.

Regular Water Quality Testing - Short Environmental Laboratories

Regular water quality testing is necessary in safeguarding human health. We help you to meet regulatory standards and make certain the highest standards of water safety are met. We understand the excellence water utility companies strive for and the importance water quality testing holds. The health of the community at heart lies in good clean water. Water is an essential nutrient after all.

Making certain waste water is properly treated before it enters the outside environment is vital for the wellbeing of the very thing that sustains human life. Anything that leaves the plant should not be to the detriment of living organisms. Wastewater should have a neutral impact on the environment it enters

When you aim to maintain the integrity of the groundwater and keep this essential nutrient pure for your community and their families, Short Environmental Laboratories Inc. is the only environmental testing provider you’ll need. We all know the importance of keeping water clean and pure and people happy and healthy. Water is an essential nutrient, it’s our goal to help keep it clean.

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